Two PhD positions on studying boreal forest fires at University of Alaska Fairbanks

Two funded PhD positions are available at University of Alaska Fairbanks, to study boreal forest fires and its impact on climate and air quality. We are looking for 2 PhD students to join our group, to study boreal forest fires and its impact on climate and air quality. The first position is to measure and model brown carbon (BrC) from boreal fires, and the second position is to use NASA satellites, chemical transport models and ground-based measurements to improve surface PM2.5 forecast during fire season in Alaska! Applicants with background in atmospheric chemistry measurements (PILS, ACSM, etc.) and modeling (GEOS-Chem, AM3/4, MOZART, WRF-CHEM, CMAQ, MCM etc.) are preferred.

Prospective students should send me an email at, with a complete CV and a paragraph describing your research interests. Further information about our group can be found here ( PhD positions can start as soon as the summer of 2021. Please contact me immediately if you are interested.
Jingqiu Mao
Assistant Professor
Geophysical Institute, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775

Phone: 907-474-7118Email:

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