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Scientist Wanted for Community-Based Research (volunteer)
The Big Sandy Rancheria tribal administration seeks a scientist to work with staff to identify and understand the science behind the climate change impacts they can expect in the future. Once we identify where science can inform the process, a science plan for answering specific science questions may need to be developed. By identifying what future issues need to be considered, the community can be better prepared to understand, plan for, and adapt to these challenges. The most critical issues that need to be considered from a forecasting standpoint are the hazards of fire and drought. Beyond these two critical issues, the tribe is identifying significant cultural resources that may be impacted by climate change. The ideal scientist will have a background in climate change assessment and adaptation, an understanding of tribal resource management, and indigenous research protocols. Important skills include:

Climate science with adaptation experience.
Knowledge and respect for indigenous cultures and worldviews
Strong listening and collaboration skills
A detailed understanding of the interplay of equity, resilience and climate adaptation
Experience and/or desire to participate in community education, outreach and
Willingness to connect science to local concerns
Competent and open to new ideas
The scientist would ideally be able to visit the community in-person

Thriving Earth Exchange asks all scientific partners to work with the community to help define a project with concrete local impact to which they can contribute as pro-bono volunteers and collaborators. This work can also position the scientists and communities to seek additional funding, together, for the next stage.

Interested in volunteering as a scientist? Apply now!

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