Vision Statement

We envision a future in which Native Americans are no longer underrepresented in the geosciences. We look to a future where native scientists take a leadership role in helping to steer our country towards a more sustainable and environmentally ethical relationship with the Earth. To appreciate and advance the geosciences while being respectful of indigenous cultures, we articulate the following values:

• We focus on supporting students, even as we recognize that we all are students.

• We respect both western and indigenous approaches to knowing about the Earth, while

recognizing that indigenous approaches historically have been undervalued.

• We believe that there are many paths to being a scientist and many traditions to draw

from. Therefore, there is no single best practice. Instead, we offer a collection of effective

strategies to draw from.

• We will create ways for students to become scientists while holding onto and even

strengthening their traditional knowledge.

• We are inclusive: our focus on increasing Native Americans in the geosciences doesn’t

confine membership to either geoscientists or Native Americans.

• We will explore, make mistakes, forgive and learn together.

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