• Student to student word-of-mouth
    • Each GA student member is to talk to one other student about participating in a summer research opportunity.
    • GA should have a central contact list of student members so that anyone with a research opportunity can e-mail one person, who will forward it to the student list.*
      • Each student on the student list can then be asked forward directly to at least one other student. [Note: opportunities that get sent to departments often only make it to a handful of chosen students]
      • *Nievita added this point – I would be happy to be the central student e-mail list point person, if desired, as part of my GA Student Outreach Coordinator duties
    • Each GA student member should arrange to speak with one group in their community about careers in the geosciences and why it is important to have Native geoscientists.
      • Put a description of the schools you visited in your GA bio next year
      • A GA Powerpoint presentation can be put together and made available to students, so that they would only need to add a few personal touches before presenting to community meeting or local middle/high school group*.
      • *Nievita has volunteered to be the point person on this

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