Native-Friendly Evaluation – what is it?

  • Declaration of Indigenous Rights- look at core issues
  • Why is it important?
  • What value do native students find in Native-friendly /culturally based knowledge and assessments
  • Are we talking about program evaluation or individual (student) assessment? (Yes, both)
  • What is program evaluation?
  • Can hurt- if unsuccessful
  • Evaluation versus assessment?- similarities/differences?
  •  What are some successful programs?  Where can we share this information?
    • AEA=Indigenous evaluation (American Evaluation Association, had an upcoming conference with sessions on indigenous evaluation — )
  • How will the data by used and by whom, be careful to have elder input and cultural committee approval
  • Academic setting: Some tribal schools have specific cultural requirements
  • Provide risk/benefit info- i.e., how survey data will be used
  • Need to get “Investment” in the project from the beginning
  • Shared ownership
  • Short term process vs. deliverables

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